Shaving: Some tips

Shaving: Some tips

Shaving is the action of cutting hair from the face, neck and cheeks. It is performed with the classic razor blades. It ‘a kind of “ritual” for men, as the hair growth usually occurs within a few days, so it has  custom become a custom habit, part of the life of every person who wants to maintain his look clean, neat and aesthetic.

In “classical”, shaving with the razor blade, another essential element is the shaving cream, that helps to soften the skin and prevent irritation caused by the razor’s edge.

Razor blade shaving is preferred by many men because more precise and less noisy than the one performed with electric razor. But it takes much longer … The market today offers a variety of blades: two, three, four and even five blades. This allows greater precision and speed with an eye to the removal of hair and, despite the amount of blades, (for instance the mac 5 of Gillette) is really very difficult to get cut, thanks to the new technologies applied to these new types of manual razors . Paradoxically, it is much easier to cut with the classic razor with two blades of Bic, than with the five blades gillette! For this type of shaving, besides the use of the foam, it is preferable to use also after-shave products, such as aftershave, moisturizers, so as to make the skin immediately softer and less prone to irritation.


To prevent damage, cuts or irritation, use a shaving cream that is dense and hydrates the skin well. It ‘also useful to perform, before proceeding to cut, use a sponge damp cloth. The best time of day to shave is definitely in the morning as the muscles of the face are more relaxed and hydrated. Once you apply shaving foam let it sit a few minutes to allow it to hydrate your skin. Also recommended is the use of an aftershave without alcohol and especially not apply it in the case of cuts!