The Fatip safety razors are TOTALLY made in Italy.

The metal used is brass, which is machined by the artisans of Premana,
first in the form and then plated in the various finishings.


Unscrew the handle and separate the head.(the top and bottom parts of the head should easily come apart)


Place the blade on the top part of the head.


Place the bottom part of the head over the blade, screw the handle back in and you are ready for shaving.


The razors are recognizable by their unusual Original “open comb” Head, which guarantees the perfect, clean shave for every type of facial hair. Today, the Fatip razor range also includes the Gentle “closed comb” head for a more delicate, easy shave.

Open Comb Head. THE ORIGINAL

The open comb head was introduced at the beginning of the twentieth century with the aim of
making it easier to shave wide moustaches and sideburns, very fashionable at that time.

The open comb head gives you a closer shave because the skin is less stretched and the hair,
slipping into the prongs of the comb, moves closer to the blade.

The razor has to be placed on the face, simply sliding it without pressing.
The Original guarantees a close and accurate shave for all types of hair, ideal for men with thick and stiff hair.

We recommend choosing a soft (mild) blade from those available on the market, together with a good oil
or pre-shave cream to lubricate and soften the skin, assisting the gliding of the blade.

Closed Comb Head. THE GENTILE ONE

The Fatip Gentle head has the characteristic closed bar with nine prongs which are slightly bigger than those of the Original head.
The Gentle head combs the hair and the bar stretches the skin preventing the blade from going to deep. The shaving becomes less aggressive and easier.

The Gentle head adapts for daily use and for sensitive skins. It is particularly suited for safety razor novices .

Given its reduced aggressiveness, it may require more passes in some areas or more pressure for a closer shave,
but it always guarantees a perfect and safe shave. The user, according to his needs, can experiment with blades of varying sharpness.

Slant Head

The “Slant” head available in both the Original (open comb) and Gentle (closed comb) versions is an oblique head
with a “guillotine” cut that guarantees an even more effective shave thanks to the twist of the blade.



Fatip razors are suitable for
men of all skin types,
especially for close shave lovers.



Use a pre-shaving product and
a high quality shaving cream.



A hot shower softens the skin and helps
to reduce the chance of scrapes or tiny cuts.


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