FATIP | Women like men: Shave for younger skin
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Women like men: Shave for younger skin

Women like men: Shave for younger skin

Shaving your face helps the skin to age better: if the secret until now had remained hidden in the men’s shaver, now women have decided to bet on daily depilation; to confirm the trend that is wildly growing in the female world there would also be the view of some experts who sustain the practice and its benefits.

According to dermatologists, in fact, shaving your face helps to practice a natural exfoliation of the skin, the secret behind brighter and vivid faces are men that do this operation daily. With the removal of the surface layer of dead cells, they also delete hairs caused by hormones or by disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome and also the natural hair due to genetics. With that which can be compared to a microdermabrasion that is normally practiced by a specialist, the skin is stimulated to produce collagen, which is useful to reduce the presence of wrinkles; for the fearful, they are available on the market in razors designed specifically for the female skin, more delicate and less aggressive on a delicate areas as it can be on the face.

For doctors, the “beard” effect or hair of that would grow back thick and thicker just like the male hair, is nothing more than an urban legend: shaving, in fact, would not affect the follicle responsible for the production and hair growth; to bring up different regrowth is exclusively the angle with which it comes out of the skin. After all, that of female facial hair removal with a razor, is not a secret: from Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor, through Marilyn Monroe, there are many women who throughout history have tried face shaving with enviable results and no beard to show in public.


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